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Liliana Ruth Iciksonas

Playing the flute as a child

I was born in Córdoba Capital.Motivated by a family milestone in which my zeide (grandfather) gave my bobe (grandmother) a beautiful piano as a wedding gift and according to what his children say in an amateur way, he sang while she played it... also by chance to some neighbors to play the recorder. At the age of 6 I began to study this last instrument with a private teacher.Then  at the age of 7 I continued my musical studies, officially entering the "Felix T Garzón" conservatory and at the age of 10 I started playing the flute, an age when I was a member of the Children's Chamber Orchestra of the Teatro Libertador San Martín in Córdoba and I also played as a soloist in one of the Jewish temples in my hometown.At the age of 19 I graduated as a "Flute Teacher" and  at 23 years old with a "Graduate in Psychology". The following years I dedicated myself to perfecting myself by taking classes with great teachers and studying in important conservatories and universities, giving concerts and enriching myself with other cultures in countries such as Israel, Belgium, Austria, the United States (where I lived for some years), Hungary, Spain,   Later I graduated as a Mindfulness Teacher.

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