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Students playing
Audition Moment

Flute and Recorder Lessons
(Online and In-Person)

Would you like to learn to play in a waycalm and safe?
With a solid professional and personal training rich in countries, cultures and languages, for more than 20 years I have used my experience and knowledge creating a unique teaching method, proposing   develop the student's potential and capacity so that from within they "connect with music" with great pleasure and taste.
​I use an approach  applied to transverse flute and recorder classes based on a work methodologythat integrates tools of music and Mindfulness to better address the objectives presented, either during  the first classes emit a clean sound until how to overcome stage fright to face the audience calmly and safely at a concert or audition.

My challenge is to awaken and maintain the musical interest and passion that the student  carries inside. I invite you to walk this wonderful path together…


  • Anyone can learn to play the instrument.

  • No prior musical knowledge is necessary. 

  • Beginner to advanced level classes.

  • Classes for people of all ages.

  • Support classes and preparation for exams.

  • Classes last one hour per week.

  • Among other topics, you learn breathing, relaxation, body position, sound emission, fingering, expressiveness, technique, articulation, overcoming stage fright, musical reading and writing, importance of the connection with another performer when playing the instrument (it is done with the professor)

  • Study material provided

  • Annual auditions are held.

  • If you do not have your own instrument, during the first in-person classes you will borrow one and advise on its purchase.

  • The classes are oriented to the needs, aptitudes and tastes of the students.​

Students playing
Giving classes
Conducting Recorder Ensembles


 Is it necessary to know music to learn to play the recorder or the transverse flute?

Definitely, anyone can learn to play the recorder and/or the transverse flute without having prior knowledge of music or the recorder or transverse flute.

But... is anyone capable of playing?

Absolutely all people with the will to do so, especially those who are willing to maintain a frequent study routine. They can learn from children to older adults.

Is it necessary to have your own transverse flute to start?

It is NOT necessary to have your own instrument to take the first classes since I will lend you one in person during them. I also advise you on the purchase of the instrument.

What frequency is recommended to take classes?

In my teaching experience, when encountering students “from time to time”  whether  biweekly or monthly, it was not given  the possibility of carrying out adequate follow-up with them, being  difficult to achieve the desired goals. Taking into account that the teacher is a tool to acquire the knowledge expected by the student, it is recommended that the frequency of meeting between them be weekly.

Is playing the flute complicated?

It is important to keep in mind that playing any musical instrument is neither easy nor complicated. On the transverse flute, the first few months it is difficult to achieve a “clean” sound (no air or sound with air can be heard), butOnce this is overcome, it gives great pleasure to touch it... for as long as it is... even for a lifetime...

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