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Buenos aires city

Verbal presentation with flute interpretations on “The Music of the Holocaust” in the following National and International Meetings (2004 to 2014)

International Meeting “Facing the Future” organized by the Fund. Shoa Memory and Holocaust Museum. Buenos Aires (2004)

First Latin American Meeting of Jewish Music Organized by Zamir, the house of Jewish music. Buenos Aires (2004)

 Second International Meeting “Recreating Jewish Culture: Music” organized by AMIA. Buenos Aires (2009)

Limud Keshet. Maimónides University, Buenos Aires (2010)

Chair of “Historical Evolution of Musical Communication II” University of Buenos Aires (2010)

Scholarship awarded by the Metropolitan Fund for Arts and Culture of the City of Buenos Aires to exhibit "Holocaust Music" at the Jerusalem Holocaust Museum

Teacher Training Day organized by the Holocaust Museum in Buenos Aires (2014)

Didactic strategies for teaching the Shoa. Training Course for Madrijim organized by the Holocaust Museum of Buenos Aires (2014)




*Conference given within the degree course "Memory and Human Rights in opposition to Genocides and Discrimination" organized by UNC, DAIA, INADI, National Institute against Discrimination and Armenian National Council (2012).

General organization and musical direction of the Initial Level Final Audition of the “Felix T. Garzón” Provincial Conservatory of Music in the “Juan Domingo Perón” Auditorium from 2005 to 2009

“Music as a form of expression.”  Workshop given at the. National University of Cordoba. 2004.

Performances in chamber ensembles San Martín Theater, Municipal Casona, “Felix T. Garzón” Provincial Conservatory of Music, Spain-Córdoba Culture Center, National University of Córdoba, Pro Arte Córdoba Foundation, Historical Cabildo  (1998 to 2006)

BELL VILLE, JUSTINIANO POSSE and LABORDE tour with Malenaje Tango Trío (2000)

LA FALDA: Closing performance of the International Tango Festival (2000)

COSQUÍN Pre Cosquín Winner with Trío Tango Malenaje (1999) 

Honorable Mention on International Tango Day awarded by R. Marvel, H. Rodríguez, D. Ticera, L. Barbero. Cordoba (1999)

Performance with the Municipal Symphonic Band of the City of Córdoba in Cabildo (1995). 

LAS ROSAS (New Verland) Courses Prof Lars Nilson (1994-2000)

General Cabrera: performance  with Municipal Symphonic Band of the City of Córdoba (1996) 

Performances in the Hall of the Lost Steps of the Palace of Courts with the Children's Chamber Orchestra of the Teatro del Libertador Foundation of Córdoba (1988 to 1991)

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